Supply of products outside a series production agreement.

Prototype hardware is typically required for Application Engineering and also Client activities. We find it helpful and efficient to co-ordinate meeting these requirements in a dedicated Hardware supply agreement covering the supply of motors, inverters or integrated assemblies ahead of any series production.

Small batches, perhaps for motorsport or other specialist applications, can also be managed with this structure. Depending on requirements, hardware can be provided to Phase 0, A Sample and B/C Sample specifications.


Hardware specification level

  • Phase 0

    Not covered by a quality assurance plan. We take a pragmatic approach to enable vehicle level demonstration or to de-risk a bespoke feature. This is typically only required for X-Division projects.

  • A Sample

    Representative specification and component design. Process and tooling evolution covered by a quality assurance plan. Since Stock, Configured and Custom products are based on proven technology and processes, first prototypes can be supplied to this standard.

  • B/C Sample

    Production process and tooling according to IATF16949.

Our 3 strategic product levels

01. Stock

Standard, off-the-shelf, stock products with no NRE required for the delivery of sample quantities.

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02. Configured

Products configured through modification of proven existing designs.

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03. Custom

Our scalable core technology customised to fully match specific client requirements.

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