03. Custom

Optimised Helix motor and inverter technology.

Ideal custom designed and developed electric motor solutions matching the most exacting requirements, created through our unique, efficient approach to tailoring Helix technology.



Uniquely in the industry, our core technology is fully scalable. We have worked with many clients to understand what they need and have an exceptionally streamlined process for the progression from requirement to a full bespoke specification that can be supplied from our Flexible Manufacturing Facility. This enables us to provide the optimal custom-built electric motor solution to customer requirements while leveraging technology validated through previous applications.

Motor/generator units

  • Motor/generator units from 84mm x 84mm (approximately 12Nm and up to 130,000rpm) to 420mm x 420mm (approximately 7500Nm and up to 8,000rpm)


At the heart of our inverters is a tremendously powerful controls stage, running model based software, capable of supporting up to 40kHz switching frequency and precisely controlling the most dynamic of applications. Based on our proven architecture, at product Level 3 we can support unique software functions and sensors, and optimisation of the power stage switches or passive components, to best match performance and cost targets.

Bespoke inverter power stage

Through re-implementation of the gate drive layout to suit the supplied power stage, Helix is able to implement customer specific power stages in its core inverter platform. Results are achieved cost effectively by reconfiguring our core gate drivers and reusing Helix hardware and software controls.

Machine Integrated motor/inverter

Helix offers an inverter redesign for mating its inverters onto an in-house or customer motor. The process requires redesign of the inverter mounting system and implementation of solid or semi-flexible phase bus bars between the motor and inverter to match the motor interface. This approach delivers a far more compact package where the implementation is limited to motor control communication and the supply of DC voltage to the powertrain.

Software strategy

Helix employs industry standard model-based software development using Matlab Simulink and Embedded Coder. The core control algorithms run on the NXP MPC5744 MCU processor. Functions are split across three task rates, 1ms, 5ms and 100ms so that processor load is optimised. Additionally, the high-speed field-oriented control and space vector modulation algorithms are handled by an FPGA, ensuring a very high switching frequency (up to 40kHz) is achievable without CPU load issues.

All software is developed following the V-cycle process and software functions are tested at unit level, MIL, HIL and full system level to ensure correct operation The software supports XCP access and Helix uses ETAS INCA as its calibration toolset. Customers may also access certain key parameters to tailor inverter performance to specific applications.

Our 3 strategic product levels

01. Stock

Standard, off-the-shelf, stock products with no NRE required for the delivery of sample quantities.

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02. Configured

Products configured through modification of proven existing designs.

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03. Custom

Our scalable core technology customised to fully match specific client requirements.

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Our integrated drive systems

Maximising performance and efficiency in an optimised package.

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