01. Stock

Our Stock, off-the-shelf motors and inverters

Standard, off-the-shelf high horsepower products with no NRE required for the delivery of sample quantities. Level 1 Stock enables rapid access to our technology at minimum cost.

Electric motors in stock

Our stock motor platforms

Motor Platform
Peak Power kW
Peak Torque Nm
Max Speed rpm

The most power dense off the shelf motor available, the CTSM242 is available in 400V, 800V and 800V HP variants. It enables clients to access our technology rapidly and at minimum cost.

Our stock inverters

Inverter Platform
Ultra lightweight 3 phase silicon carbide inverter
Ultra lightweight 6 phase silicon carbide inverter

Based on Helix’s latest generation core technology for applications requiring high-performance, these highly efficient 3 and 6 phase SiC inverters provide huge performance at high switching frequency in an extremely compact and lightweight package. They are the perfect complement to our motors or they can be applied to other PM machines.


  • Use SiC MOSFETs to enable a wide DC bus voltage operating range, high power, phase current and switching frequency in a very compact, lightweight unit
  • Employ proprietary inverter and motor control algorithms featuring advanced physics based motor models and continuously variable switching frequency, ensuring powertrain performance and efficiency is maximised across the full range of operating conditions

Our 3 strategic product levels

01. Stock

Standard, off-the-shelf, stock products with no NRE required for the delivery of sample quantities.

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02. Configured

Products configured through modification of proven existing designs.

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03. Custom

Our scalable core technology customised to fully match specific client requirements.

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Our integrated drive systems

Maximising performance and efficiency in an optimised package.

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