Evolving Helix DNA to give you future powertrain advantage.

X-Division high performance motors

These products are based on exclusive developmental (electric powertrain) projects for clients in automotive, motorsport, aerospace and marine applications.

X-Division was created to take premium customers on a journey beyond Scalable Core Technology, towards exclusive, advanced electric powertrain solutions for tomorrow’s most challenging opportunities.

Today’s core technology was born out of yesterday’s quest to achieve new levels of performance and efficiency. This cycle continues in our X-Division, where the skills and first-principles innovation nurtured during our early years as a powertrain consultancy remain embedded in our culture.

Our X-Division motors

Motor Platform
Peak Power kW
Peak Torque Nm
Max Speed rpm

X-Division carries out internal projects to ensure we maintain and even advance our technological leadership, and also works with clients pushing confidently beyond today’s state-of-the-art. Current projects include scalable integrated motor and inverter and SIMI developments.

Advanced Electric Motors

X-Division’s clients may be reaching for complex integration or compatibility with extreme environments, or simply looking for ultimate electric powertrain performance.

They work in diverse fields, from rocket motors to the highest echelons of motorsport, often developing their advanced future products ‘below the radar’. We relish the opportunity to meet their challenges and we are proud of our outstanding track record in helping them realise their ambitions.

Contact Helix X-Division to embark on a journey beyond today’s electric motor and inverter technology.

Advanced Electric Motors

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