02. Configured

Our configured motor and inverter platforms

Modified from solutions built, tested and delivered, configured products guarantee a great requirements match based on solid foundations.

Configured motor and inverter platforms

Our configured motor platforms

Motor Platform
Peak Power kW
Peak Torque Nm
Max Speed rpm

We have engineered motors for a range of applications up to 3000Nm and 130krpm. Our Configured motor product level takes this wide variety of proven products and exploits their inherent flexibility to produce a great match for your requirements while minimising lead time and upfront costs.

The products shown are recent examples of configured products which may be available, with NRE and upon review of customer specifications.

How we configure our motors

Stack length

This is usually driven by the maximum torque and package requirements.


To suit DC bus range and inverter current limits, and efficiency demands.

Materials level

Magnet, stator and wire specifications, ranging from five for ultimate performance, to one for minimum cost.

Our configured inverters

Inverter Platform
Silicon Carbide Inverter
Ultra lightweight 3 phase silicon carbide inverter
Ultra lightweight 6 phase silicon carbide inverter

As part of our configured package the calibration parameters including thermal models are optimised and signed off for a particular application allowing higher phase current. CAN communications can also be configured.

How we configure our inverters

CAN configuration

  • Helix inverters support communication via controller area network (CAN) bus according to ISO 11898. Helix implements the Classical CAN frame format allowing bit rates up to 1 Mbit/s and payloads up to 8 byte per frame. The interface definition is defined in a DBC file shared with the customer in order to define and agree the necessary interfaces to the inverter
  • Safety critical messages on the CAN are protected with end-to-end counters and checksums
  • Helix has well-defined interfaces to support all aspects of inverter operation: torque control, speed control, fault and status reporting, for example. However, the customer can request CAN DBC modifications to facilitate the introduction of specific features and functions within the inverter control software

Package integration modifications

  • Helix offers customisation of its core inverter platforms to achieve package integration better matched to customer requirements. Examples include:
    • Phase cable orientation
    • Cooling ports
    • DC in position and sizes

Application of inverter to client motor

  • Helix can map an inverter to a customer motor. The process involves a combination of desktop mapping based on modelling the motor characteristics and a final dyno optimisation to ensure best-in-class torque accuracy optimisation. Application optimisation may also be required to suit the client resolver.

Motor controller unit sub-system

  • MCUSS is a high integrity, independent safety processor providing safety rated torque monitoring, safe state implementation and avoidance of hazardous DC voltage conditions after a crash. It features an independent processor and sensing hardware to guarantee freedom from interference. Primary MCUSS functions are:
  • Monitoring (and reporting) delivered motor torque
  • Ensuring that safe-state is achieved and maintained in the event of a safety related shutdown
  • Preventing exposure to hazardous levels of DC voltage after a crash.

The safety system has been developed as a System Element Out Of Context (SeooC). Helix can provide a detailed safety manual and support customers with the testing required to bring the MCUSS into the vehicle context.

Our 3 strategic product levels

01. Stock

Standard, off-the-shelf, stock products with no NRE required for the delivery of sample quantities.

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02. Configured

Products configured through modification of proven existing designs.

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03. Custom

Our scalable core technology customised to fully match specific client requirements.

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Our integrated drive systems

Maximising performance and efficiency in an optimised package.

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