Application Engineering

We define Application Engineering as all specific engineering, validation and client support required up to start of production plus a specified handover period (typically 90 days).

The size and scope of Application Engineering projects varies greatly according to Product Level and purpose. For example, a Level 1, stock product for demonstration purposes may require little or no application engineering. A Level 3, customised product provided to a vehicle OEM in series production would however require significant application activity. Our Validation Template allows you to obtain an initial assessment of recommended validation activities.

Purpose/quantity definitions

The production contract covers the supply of motors, inverters or integrated assemblies in volume. It typically comprises two parts, a Supply Agreement covering the commercial arrangements and the final specification to be supplied, and a Production/Batch Schedule.

For initial assessment we categorise the purpose for which products will be used.


Typically a small number of units to support a client proof of concept phase.

Small batch production

Used for many specialist applications, a single-make race series or special vehicles, for example.

Series production

Higher production volumes with end products typically sold to the public.

Demonstration / Level 1 – Off the shelf

  • Recommended
  • Optional
  • TBC
Client Performance Requirements Application Specific performance validation, supporting client requirements as necessary  
Client Specific Durability Application Specific durability validation, supporting client requirements as necessary  
Client Specific Environmental Application Specific environmental validation, supporting client requirements as necessary  
Application Mechanical Load Assessment Characterisation of application mechanical loads, to be simulated as requried in durability and environmental validation activities. Load categories typically seen are structural mounting, rotor thrust and torsional vibration.  
Client Specific Integration Application Specific integration validation, supporting client requirements as necessary  
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