What is the best possible specification for your project, considering timing, budget, package, performance and efficiency?

We have helped many clients answer these questions and we have a wealth of experience and a great set of tools to find the answers quickly and efficiently.

Applied to Product Levels 1, 2 and 3, our toolset and simple enquiry template enable our application team to rapidly produce outline solutions for discussion. We then typically generate a formal request for further information as a focus for specification development, making sure we get to the right solution quickly and effectively.

In the process of defining an optimum specification, clients may wish to validate key vehicle-level interfaces and duty-cycle based performance attributes in a virtual engineering environment. We routinely support these activities with digital mock-up, transient thermal and control software models. The agreed specification document plugs into the other four project strands: Project and Commercial, Application Engineering, Hardware and Quality and Production.

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Build your enquiry

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