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Helix Launches new series of off-the-shelf core technology electric motors.

  • Extremely compact and robust structure
  • Peak power of up to 400kW per unit
  • Continuous peak power of up to >12.5kW/kg per unit
  • Compatible with various off-the-shelf transmissions
  • Easily optimised for mass production
  • Manufactured in Integral Powertrain’s high volume facility

As part of its mission to make world class electric drives accessible, Integral e-Drive has made available a family of three ultra-high-performance machines off-the-shelf in single sample quantities.

Based closely on series production units and manufactured to automotive quality standards in its recently opened Milton Keynes facility, the CTSM242 family combines up to 400kW and 520Nm in a compact package with a mass of <30kg and a maximum speed of 15,000 rev/min making it the highest performing off-the-shelf machine by some margin.  

Helix’s performance leadership has seen it acquire a substantial share of premium racing and hypercar markets and, following investment in in-house manufacturing processes, it has now made this technology accessible to higher volume applications.

The CTSM242 can be matched with 3rd party inverters but, when coupled with Integral Powertrain’s SiC high-performance inverter (MCU), it offers unparalleled, efficiency and control dynamics.

“The CTSM 242 is enabling clients to access world class power density and efficiency manufactured to automotive quality standards from our new production facility” said Andy Cross, Chief Technical Officer. “Our scalable core technology platforms enable us to match precisely our clients’ requirements, but for some it is important to get up and running quickly and at minimum cost before any optimisation phase. In these cases, this standard ‘off-the-shelf product is extremely attractive”.

Shyam Paw, Business Development Manager at Helix said, “Our growth is set to come from making our high-performance technology more accessible so our clients can put it to work and make the future exciting as well as sustainable.”

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